Matric Photo poses that you can take with a date who is a friend

With most Matrics around the corner I thought this article may help for inspiration. Many matrics are not actually going with a date who is an actual boyfriend . They may be going with a friend or someone that they aren’t actually dating . So when it comes to the matric photoshoot you may end up feeling a bit awkward . But there are plenty of matric photo poses that can be used for friends without making you uncomfortable.

Its also a good idea to use props in your photoshoot as it gives something else to focus on . Or you can have a photoshoot with a group of your friends instead of just as a “couple” this will also be more fun for all of you.

Be sure to have some photos alone each and with your respective families alone as well .

So the good news is that this does not have to be an awkward or uncomfortable experience at all. You can both enjoy the photoshoot and have some great memories shared between you :).

Here are some examples of previous matric photoshoots done for friends and groups.


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