How to make sure you get your dream wedding photos

Once you have chosen your wedding photographer you realise that this service does come at quite an expense . You want to make sure that you get your dream wedding photos . But how can you make sure they will be what you are looking for?

Its impossible to get an exact match on what you are envisioning but here are some tips to help you communicate with your photographer and get as close as possible to what you want.

Create a timeline

This is generally something I do with my clients from the outset as my wedding packages are very much time based, So we need to know how much time is needed. But by laying out a plan for the day of where your photographer needs to be at what time you can follow a set plan. The photographer can discuss the timeline with you. They can also tell you when the couple photos etc should be to get the right lighting  . Then try to stick to the timeline as best you can as the photographer needs to cover certain details in the best possible light and if things are happening simultaneously or running late this might not be possible.

Prepare your bridal party and MC

Bring your bridal party and MC along when you meet with the photographer and discuss the important elements of the day. This way the photographer knows what is expected on the day and can help you achieve your dream wedding photos. Especially during family photo time where lots of people need to be rounded up for the photos. This can take less time if organised properly and leaves more time for your wedding couple photoshoot.

Create a list for your wedding family photos

Create a list of each photo you want taken with the names of each person in the photo. then arrange them from largest to smallest. Your MC will need a copy of the list to call out the names on your wedding day . As one photo is happening they can be organising the next group of people to have their photo done. Also let the family members who will be in these photos know beforehand that they need to come for family photos after your ceremony as some people are not sure they should be there. This will help avoid confusion.

Create a Mood board

One of the best ways to help your photographer get the photos you want is to create a mood board. This helps the photographer see the style you are after or you prefer, as well as poses you might like and the elements that are important to you. No two photos will ever be the same as your wedding photographer will have their own style applied to your images, but this will help guide them in the direction that you want .

Keep it simple

It is easy to imagine millions of dreamy looking photos for your wedding day. But the reality is this time goes by so quickly and its impossible to fit everything in. It is better to keep it simple and not try to fit too much in to the day. If your photographer is rushing around trying to tick off a list of shots you have requested then you may be compromising on quality. Give  ideas and prioritise what is important  but try not to overdo it .  This will put more pressure on your photographer and may result in substandard work while they are trying to remember everything you have told them to photograph.

Trust your photographer

You have chosen your wedding photographer for a reason. They have done many weddings in the past (hopefully). They know where there may be problem areas or what can go wrong on the day.  Also what it takes to achieve the best possible angles, light, poses etc. Let them do what they are good at. Listen to their advice during the venue viewing . This is important to achieve the best wedding photos . Anything less will be putting them under pressure and you risk losing out .

These are the memories that last after the day has come and gone so the photogaphy is a very important. I hope you find these tips helpful 🙂



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