This proposal photoshoot at Wonderboom Airport was a little more ambitious and complicated but we managed to get some beautiful shots in the end. Tahshen chose to firstly surprise his girlfriend Serena with a skydiving experience. Serena, who though she was going quadbiking, was besides herself with excitement. We needed to wait for the weather to clear a bit . At this stage she thought I was a random photographer there to photograph all the skydivers jumping that day. However once they were on the plane and climbing for their skydive I called in Tahshens friends who were hiding out at the main wonderboom airport. They quickly set up a picnic spot that skydive pretoria had kindly let us use for this . Tahshen did not want to propose straight after the jump but rather in a more private area . So soon after the couple landed from their skydive – a unique experience all on its own – Tahshen led Serena off to the picnic site and proceeded to go down on one knee.  Naturally she said yes after all this – and Tahshen and Serenas friends rushed to congratulate them both 🙂 The cherry on top? He then surprised her with a weekend getaway to magaliesburg ! Beat that all you guys out there! Congratulations Tahshen and Serena I cannot wait to photograph your engagement shoot 🙂

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