Engagement shoot outfits

and what to wear…

I often get this question most commonly for engagement shoots but it can apply to any photoshoot. The answer is simple – how do you want the photos to come out? Is there a particular theme you want with your photos? Or are you looking for a particular feel? For instance if you want a soft romantic feel to your photos then pastel colours would work well. If you were going for a nautical theme for instance blue and white stripes would work well.

the photography world has moved away from matching outfits so this is quite outdated, however more sublte matches like a small amount of red on each person does work quite well-  a scarf or earrings etc.

whatever you decide there is no hard and fast rule – it is important to be comfortable in what you wear as this does translate in the photos. consider if you will be walking in bushveld or on uneven ground for instance – it may not be so easy to walk in stilettos. If you really want that photo maybe bring along a pair of flats as well for the walking 🙂

For more inspiration or advice you can also talk to Sam at Threads of Rosemary .

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