Choosing a  wedding photographer can be  overwhelming. There are so many photographers out there and they all seem to have really great wedding portfolios.


My first advice to you would be to choose 3 wedding photographers’ portfolios whose style you really like and to set up a meeting with them. They obviously need to be fairly close to you to meet face to face, but if they are a bit far away you can always set up a skype call with them. 

Then rather than asking them to bring a portfolio of their work when they come to meet you , ask them to bring an entire edit of one wedding that they have done (preferably in a similar setting to what your wedding is likely to be eg garden wedding, beach wedding, indoor wedding etc). If you are meeting online then ask them to direct you to a page where you can see an entire shoot, or alternatively they can send you the shoot via dropbox (remember these will be small files though, so the quality won’t be as good)

The problem with a wedding photographers portfolio is that it shows images over a period of years from several different weddings which all have that wow factor – photographer always want to show off their best work :). But not all of the photographs come from the same wedding. When you look at an entire wedding shoot you will get a more realistic idea of what your wedding photos will look like when you receive them . Remember that this is your big day and the memories of your wedding will last a lifetime so choose wisely 🙂 Keep checking for other tips and tricks on my blog 🙂

Happy Hunting


see wedding portfolio here



  • Gaydia Tiffin
    March 27, 2014, 8:16 am  Reply

    Hey Romaen, this is a really cool idea! Well done!
    I will definitely get hold of you when next I decide to get married!!
    Keep up the blogging!

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