About Me

I am a practicing photographer in Gauteng on the East Rand. Also willing to travel if necessary.  Specialising in wedding photography, event photography, portrait and studio photography and just about any kind of photography you can think of. Every genre has its own challenges and i do have experience with all of them.

Johannesburg wedding photographer

This is my main focus as a photographer at this stage. Wedding photography takes a very specific set of skills and needs someone that can handle the pressure of capturing your big day calmly and professionally . Your wedding day is a beautiful story. It should be captured in such a way that you can cherish it forever.

So what makes me different?

You might ask yourself why you should use me as your photographer, or rather what sets me apart from other photographers? First of all I always try to bring a unique and personal touch to every photo-shoot. To give you a fresh and original look in the final photos is always my priority. There is a secret to the success of a photo-shoot which I learnt while studying documentary photography.  To know your subject should always be a top priority. The more I know about you and what you want from your photo-shoot the better results I will get, as will you. After all these are your memories that are being recorded, not mine. How you want to portray yourself is important. Not how I want to portray you.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have photographed for over 10 years now in all genres.

This depends on the package you have taken. In the case of weddings your wedding package will tell you how many hours are available. For other shoots it will depend on how many hours you have booked. Hours you will need will depend on how many people are in the shoot.

This is almost entirely up to you. . My general guideline is not to wear something too distracting unless this is the particular look you want to have. Also for instance if you have a couple photo shoot not to wear clashing colours. Bear in mind the surroundings you will be in. This often helps to determine what type of outfit you will wear.

Generally speaking there are 80-100 basically edited photos per hour of photography in high res on disc. There may be added extras included in the package as seen on this page

This depends on the look you want as well. There are some basic cost effective options. Such as a blanket, balloons, a chalkboard, flowers, champagne glasses, a photo frame . In addition you can consider options like colour paints. I would suggest that you google photo shoot prop ideas. you will receive plenty of inspiration online. Every photo shoot is different so this will depend on your individual taste.

Qualifications in Photography

I have two qualifications in Photography. One of these qualifications is the basics of photography from School of Photography, and the other is the very well reputed Photojournalism and Documentary photography from the Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Both of these courses give very practical experience. They are not just studying photography from a book. They force you out into the world to photograph content. Which in my opinion is the best way to learn.

Noteworthy Achievements

Most noteworthy other achievements are being a  finalist for the Tierney Fellowship and Edward Ruiz Mentorship which are two very well known documentary photography funding opportunities . Interning at the Mail and Guardian Newspaper as well as working for JHB Live were also valuable experiences – examples of this work is here.

In conclusion what you need to remember most of all is that photography is my passion. As a result I will always give 110% to my work. If anything I am almost overqualified to do the job. Seems like I really love what I do and I live for new and exciting ideas to capture.

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