Recently I have had quite a few people asking me what to use as props for their maternity and newborn photos. I do have a few props available but as each person is different I prefer it if the people in my photographs provide their own props. This does not mean you have to go out and spend a small fortune on items you may never use again. Quite often you can use your household items and babys clothes and gifts as inspiration. Here are some examples.

baby shoes

Baby shoes are great to show size and just how small they will be when born


Blankets and wraps

The colours depend on the gender of baby of course, or you could use natural colours and focus on the texture of the material instead. The blanket above is a baby blanket the family already had for their baby boy. The one below is one I have on hand for textures.

wedding rings

If the parents are married this is a really cute photo also showing size of feet


every household has at least one mirror in it and there are some great reflection shots you can get with maternity or newborn photos  for something different

necklaces, hats, bows, tutus, maternity dresses

you may already have some of these items with you but if you dont they are not very expensive to buy or you could hire them from shenz craft studios – she is just down the road from me so I am happy to pick up and drop off whatever you decide to use.

photography props

Props I have on hand

I do have a few items that we have used in shoots before – an old vintage suitcase, saddle, tutu, wool dungarees and a striped hat and bowtie

photography propsphotography props





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