Why is it important to do a venue viewing with your wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer I always try to go to a venue with the couple before the date of the wedding. Many people do not seem to understand why so I though I would give the advantages of this in a short article.


Seeing the venue together allows both myself and the couple to see where the best shots might be on the day and also allows for reference points when we talk about where we would like to do which photos. Such as the family photographs, the big group photograph etc.


Especially in the church ceremony it is important to see where the photographer will be able to move and where the bridal party will be. Also where will the bride walk in if there are multiple doors, and where will the exchange from father to groom take place. All of these things happen very quickly on the day and the more prepared the photographer is the better so as not to miss these all important shots. Where the videographer will be is also important .


It is also important to go at roughly the same time of day that your main family photos, and couple photos will be. This is to get a good idea of the lighting (hopefully) on the day . There are certain things that cannot be controlled like the weather, but full sun can be just as bad as rain if there is too much of it. So it is a good idea to find a space with even lighting for the family photos and bridal party photos

In my experience the more prepared I can be the better. I hope you have found this article helpful in understanding the importance of a venue viewing . Photos like the one below happen with a bit of luck and a lot of planning around the time of the shoot – photo taken at  Zambezi Point

photography portfolio

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