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Johannesburg Photographer: Weddings
To put it simply I am  a professional and affordable Johannesburg photographer. Having eight years experience in wedding photography is definitely an advantage as a Johannesburg photographer.
I know what it takes to capture the memories of your special day. Careful planning is needed to ensure that no detail is missed . Even the ones you might not see yourself on the day but can still enjoy later.
This process starts with meeting you as a couple to discuss the finer details of your wedding and establish the timeline. This helps me to see exactly what your needs are. To get a better understanding of who you are as a couple and what your style is.
We also need to go to the venue at the time of day that your couple photos will be. This is so I can establish where the best shots will be. It will also give you a better understanding of why we will take photos at specific places . Finally it will help you see why it is important to try and do the couple photos at the right time of day.
These are  two of the things I do with every wedding I photograph no matter what the size. I like to get as much detail from you  because by knowing you better I can deliver the kind of photos that you will be happy with.
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Gauteng Photographer: Events
Event Photography is good for everything from birthday parties to sports events to corporate business functions. I have experience photographing all types of events, large and small all over Gauteng.
This includes photographing for JHBLive . Some customers include Five6seven8 Dance studio, Annick Promotions and Dion Wired to name a few. As a professional photographer I know how to capture all the important aspects of your event.
This will all come together to give you a complete picture of the event. So you can sit back and enjoy what have been planning. Also note depending on the size of your event more than one photographer may be needed.
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Gauteng Photographer: Portraits
Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of professional photography. I am a professional portrait photographer and have many years experience in this genre.
Whether you need  portraits of your family and friends, children, corporate or for modelling I am available to photograph them. This can be done in studio or location and as this is an hourly rate it is tailored to suit any size group.

Using specialist equipment and at any desired location being an indoor studio or a desired landmark, we offer affordable prices and guaranteed quality. Booking is essential for your photoshoot so please contact me to arrange your photoshoot date. I will gladly assist.
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Johannesburg Photographer: Studio
Looking for a studio photographer based in  Johannesburg? Whether you would like the studio set up at your home or if you would like to come to me for studio photos on a black or white background either is possible.
I have a mobile studio that I can set up in the comfort of your own home. This is great for newborns and children especially who tend to be more comfortable in their own space and we get great results because of it.
Alternatively the same studio is set up in a space at my home for you to come to if you do not have the space needed to set this up . Please note booking is essential for every shoot and the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks so photos cannot be given over the same day. Plan now in order to avoid disappointment.
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